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About Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping Services Singapore is providing affordable professional accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore from home. Yes, we are a group of bookkeepers that are currently or used to work in SME (Small Medium Enterprise) and corporate for many years in various accounting positions. Even though we offer accounting and bookkeeping services from home, we still practice according to the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards SFRSs set out by the Accounting Standards Council (ASC) and Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). We simply choose to work from home because of some family reasons, like taking care of our young who needs special attention, some who parents are getting old and others. Our most common reason is to help our family with the extra support and keep performing our accounting profession.

Freelance Bookkeeper Working Experience

Our key bookkeeper has a LCCI diploma in accounting and more than 15 years of working experience. She has built up her experience in an audit firm, doing full set accounting for companies and worked with various industries like printing, direct sales, building management, food and beverage. She is capable in managing the general ledger, recording all sales, expense and journal entry, issuing invoices and payment, maintaining the accounts payable and receivable aging, setting up new chart of account, customer and vendor code for new company, preparing monthly bank reconciliation, computing and filing quarterly GST return, compiling monthly report of Profit & Loss and Balanced sheet. She also can prepare fixed asset schedule listing and documents for audit and Income Tax. In all with our team, we have the capability to get the accounting work done for you.


Bookkeeping Services Singapore’s Goal

Our goal is to provide the affordable accounting and bookkeeping services for entity or business owners, helping them to save their time and cost in accounting work. Please sign up our packages and plans for bookkeeping services fees that suit your needs or contact us now for quotation.


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