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All Accounting begins with Bookkeeping.

Affordable Bookkeeping Services Provider for Startups, Small Businesses and SMEs
Bookkeeping Service Fees as low as S$250 per year.

Outsourced Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Singapore

Why Bookkeeping is important?

Bookkeeping is a business financial data entry process, which normally records transactions in assets, incomes and expenses. Some businesses failed due to loosing track of their financial expenses without proper recording or wrong entries by inexperienced person; garbage in garbage out. That is why bookkeeping is crucial and all good accounting begins with proper bookkeeping.

When it is done properly, Bookkeeping generate clear financial report that can help to

  • make strategic business decision on investment like assets and etc,
  • evaluate expenses and implement cost control or cost saving strategies,
  • avoid tax penalties due to wrong declaration of income statement,
  • determine the strength of the management.
  • acquire investment or loan.

What is Accounting?

Accounting is a process to measure the financial status of a business by recording, organizing, compiling, analyzing, reporting and summarizing of its financial data.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a process to record the financial transactions of a business and foundation of Accounting process. These transaction records can be classified into revenues & expenses, invoices & sales receipts, petty cash, inventory, fixed assets, account payable & receivable, payroll and etc.

An online surveys of 204 investors show importance of different information sources for making investment decisions in Singapore


Financial Statements


Annual Reports


Company announcements, Briefings and One-to-one or Shareholder meetings


Analyst reports, Stockbrokers and Other public media

Here are some checks whether a business need to outsource their bookkeeping?


Cost saving on labour

An accounting clerk with a diploma draws around $30K per year. A Certified Public Accountant draws more than $60K per year. Does it makes sense to employ these professions for business that makes less than few millions a year? If daily business transactions are not much, please consider outsourcing.


Focus on business process

Business process should be the business owners’ main focus, Accounting is not. Why fumble on time-consuming accounting chores when the business owners have 101 things to improve the business workflow? Let the accounting professionals do their work. Please consider outsourcing accounting.


Less staff management

Managing employee is not easy as in dealing with their morale and competancy, not all have experience in full set accounting. And still need to provide benefits as in salary, leaves, medical, insurance, training and expediture like work space, computer, stationary. Please consider outsourcing accounting.


Focus on sales and customers

Business owners should also focus to getting sales, marketing or even branding, not Accounting. They should focus on acquiring customers and keep them. Why fumble on accounting data entry where there are affordable accounting professionals available in the market? Please consider outsourcing accounting.

Do you spend time working on your bookkeeping chores or your business growth? Which is more affordable to outsource?

Why outsource your bookkeeping to us?

Money Back Guarantee

We provide no question asked money-back guarantee within 48 hours of cancellation on any plan or package purchased except for customer’s urgent request.


Our key accounting professional has more than 14 years of accounting experience in many industries, dealt with audits and even strike off business accounting.


We communicate with our customers via emails and phone calls. We use courier service regularly to collect and deliver the dockets. No visitors can come to our office.

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