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So really what is the difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping? It is confusing mainly because Bookkeeping is the foundation of Accounting and it takes up more than 70 percent of the accounting work. To put it simple, Bookkeeping is a systematic financial data entry process for a business or an entity. And add that to compiling, reporting, analyzing and summarizing process of those data, you will get Accounting.

Singapore Accounting Standards

Here is an overview of the Singapore Accounting Standards. It describes the why, what and how Singapore works out the accounting standards applicable to companies and other incorporated and unincorporated bodies in Singapore.

Singapore Financial Reporting Standard

Here summarizes the Singapore Financial Reporting Standard or SFRS for Small Entities. It provides a quick view on the criteria and the use of the standard needed for the small entities or non-publicly accountable entities financial reporting.

Financial Statements

Purpose of Financial Statements in Singapore The Accounting Standards Council ASC in Singapore believes that the financial statements purpose is intend for the use of economic decisions makers. These decisions like determine when to buy, hold or sell an equity…

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Other Accounting Related Discussions

Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement used in Singapore Cash Flow Statement reports an entity’s true financial health with the inflows and outflows of cash over an accounting period, best used as monthly report. It logs in the actual financial transaction where the money comes and…

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Income Statement

Income or Profit & Loss Statement used in Singapore Income Statement (aka Profit & Loss Statement) indicates a business entity’s financial performance over a period, likely to be yearly for tax reporting, with its revenue against expenses. Rather than a…

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