Bookkeeping Services Fees at Singapore Price List

Cost-effective monthly bookkeeping rates and budget yearly bookkeeping price list available for small businesses or entities

Bookkeeping Price List with Monthly Rates

Best for small businesses and SMEs (Small Medium Enterprice) where there are monthly regular transactions.

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Bookkeeping Price List with Yearly Charges

Best for startups and small businesses where there are some transactions for single financial year end.

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How to engage our Bookkeeping Service

Get quotation

Fill up form or send us an email. Select the preferred plan or package. Quotation will be sent Once client agree, we will invoice.


We will contact customer within 2 working days Dockets can be picked up by courier service or sent via email for bookkeeping.


We will complete the bookkeeping work and send the courier service to deliver the dockets if require.

Bookkeeping Services Fees in Singapore Dollars

Number of transactions

Monthly Bookkeeping Fees

Yearly Bookkeeping Price

1 to 50 70~190 250
51 to 100 360 500
101 to 150 525 600
151 to 200 680 800
*For Money Back Guarantee, please read the cancellation or refund policy below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transaction? What if customer have more than 150 transactions monthly?

Transaction means any bookkeeping activity on journal entry or data entry in general ledger.

Please contact us to get quotation if you have more than 150 transactions monthly.

What if customer exceed the number of transactions on the purchased plan or package?

For monthly plan, we will invoice the difference of the higher plan to next month. If transactions continue to exceed for the subsequent month, we will advise plan upgrade for the customer. Eg. Basic plan (25 transactions) customer has 35 transactions in January, we will invoice customer the difference of the extra 10 transactions in February. If customer has 65 transactions in January. we will invoice the difference in price of 40 transactions instead in February. Every extra transaction will be multiplied by $4. In February, Basic plan customer will pay the original plan they signed up and the extra invoice amount if any.

For yearly package, we will invoice the difference on the higher package or advise new package or plan after reviewing the work scope.

For 1 or 2 extra transactions, we would not bother.

Is there any *cancellation or refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked cancellation and refunds to all customers within 48 hours after any purchase except for urgent service requested by customer. If you changed your mind with any purchase of our services, then just send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. If you are not satisfied after our work done, please contact us to clarify. Any work done or in progress cannot be refund. You may choose to cancel the future purchase. Our goal is to provide a happy customers and work force relationship.
Can customer upgrade or downgrade after signing up?

Yes, customer can upgrade or downgrade at any time after signing up. Please send us an email.

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